NFL Week 7 Wrap Up: Cousin Vs. Cousin

This past week felt like a week of football that came out how it was supposed to. Mainly because I scored more points than David. Charlie Sheen calls it “winning”. I learned some things this week:

– Joe Flacco is the best quarter back in football. I also learned that the interwebs should develop a font for sarcasm. We all know Carson Palmer is hands down the best quarterback in football. See how the font would come in handy? Especially on this site? Flacco v Houston: 48% completion on 147 yds, 1 td and 2 int’s doesn’t exactly make you the best quarter back in football. It doesn’t even make you Tebow. When you play that bad, I’m coining the term “Flac up”. Cause you Flacked Up.

– While Cam Newton is doing better than some QB’s but getting more attention for being more horrible than most, his pouting is pathetic and needs to stop. I’d be a 1-5 team too if I had to follow Eeyore into battle. Chin up. Be a man. Be a leader. Kids are watching.

– Rex Ryan miraculously wasn’t sporting wood after the handshake he had with his mansession (man obsession), Belichik. My hat is off to you, Rex. There is hope for you yet.

– Ndamukong Suh is a master of judo. To call that Cutler take down a clean hit makes me wonder if Suh couldn’t haven’t gotten at least a bronze in this past summer’s Olympics. Judo chop, Mr. Suh. Judo chop. Damn impressive.

– RGIII is pretty decent. Pretty really decent. Really pretty really decent. Really pretty really decent really good decent good really pretty decent. Yeah…

– Being a Seahawks fan is one of the least rewarding things on this planet. And I’ve worked at a daycare. So when you get slapped in the face by a 200 pound 5th grader and think “at least I still have the Hawks”…you’re an idiot. When Russell Wilson finally pulls out a real week of football as a Quarterback and not a hand-off specialist, he is rewarded the next week with a receiving core who seemed to be deathly afraid of the ball. My hot potato days were remembered in vivid detail. And guess what? I’ll be tuning in for more of that tasty action this weekend. #Gluttonforpunishment

David came away with 5 points and I take 9. I graciously blew my lead on purpose last week to lure David into a false sense of security. I have successfully regained the lead and undoubtedly shaken my cousin’s confidence beyond repair.  I might lose on purpose again this week just to really mess with him.

Week 6 totals:

David – 13 points

Jake – 12 points

Overall totals

David – 18 points

Jake – 21 points

Tell us your thoughts on that sweet sweet week 7 action.

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